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March 01, 2006



Oh how I relate to this! I have the action list which never seems to diminish from week to week. If fact I always seem to transfer most of it each Sunday night to next wee's list. Why? Who are these gremlins who steal my time , because I always seem so busy- but have I achieved?
I too long for a day when I could wake up and have nothing to achieve. But then I would feel guilty- because I was not busy "doing" something. But what is it I spend time "doing" if I never seem to complete the Action list.
Perhaps I try to achieve too much, but deep down is the thought I have not acieved enough.

Suzanne Holman

When I decided my theme for 2006 was "Clear and Create", I have found amazing things happen.
Not only am I clearing "stuff" from my home, I'm filtering every activity I consider as to whether it qualifies for my create category or if it may be "clutter" to my life.
I've always had the feeling I did't want to miss out on anything. I'm finding that I am more peaceful with the decisions I make to decide against some of the tempting opportunities.
Focus may be a good thing for me after all!


I relate to this immensely as well. Ever since I read David Allens 'Getting Things Done' and begin implementing some of the principles & habits he outlines into my life, I've found so much more room to breathe easy and guilt-free. Many focus-related struggles of mine, which I currently attributed to a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, have melted away. I highly suggest this book to anyone who has a To Do list, of any length. I hope it helps!


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