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March 02, 2007



I too hardly watch TV Suzanne, but I have also become addicted to the finals of this show. Melinda Doolittle on Idol is so the next Tina Turner. Amazing talent, a natural. If she doesn't win there will be something very wrong with the judging system.
She is the only artist who makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, in a good way.


I LOVE Melinda and Stephanie. I think that it is all about the women this contest! :) Men aren't impressing me!!
Jordan, Lakisha, Stephanie, and Melinda I think are the top doggs! ;)

Tuck, The Rebel Belle

For me the girls rock!! I too love Melinda, Lakisha, Jordan, and Stephanie. And...I must give a Rebel Belle Yell to Chris Sligh from Greenville. Gotta support my southern roots....he is one of my guy favs!!


We were bummed when Chris got voted off last week...I'm an American Idol fan too...

I loved Taylor Hicks last year and was glad he won.

This year I am rooting for Gina...I just like her personality. She's a very good singer...but talent wise would go to Melinda or Lakisha...they are just unbelievable talented.

Matthew Aubie

Looks like Melinda's the only one of your favs still on the show... but I agree with you. She's definitely the strongest singer. Unfortunately, I don't think she's as "sellable" as some of the other singers - but we'll see what happens.

Glad to find your site :) I'm a design student from Canada...and if you're aware of design school you'll know it's no cake walk. I'm working 14 hours a day and coming home tired and stressed. Sometimes all I want is to find a little bit of happiness. Thanks for writing :) You've got a great ora

seyvell wardlaw

the show stinks with out sanjaya

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