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May 20, 2007


Christine Sweet-Hart

Thank you for reminding me to really look at things instead of tolerating them. I had an oversized shower curtain rod for YEARS that I could never find hooks for. The plastic ones didn't fit and the metal ones scraped along very loudly. It was screwed into the wall so it didn't dawn on me to take it down. This was my "aha" moment. I have TWO spring-loaded shower curtain rods downstairs unused. Why am I tolerating years of aggrivation with this oversized rod? Because I can't unscrew it? What a difference it made taking the darn thing down! Now the curtain slides quietly and quickly. Off to declutter my gigantic key ring that is pulling my ignition out of the steering column...


I am tired of clutter...I am cleaing my room and decluttering when I see your post here. Thank you for validating my actions now. I am also decluttering because of my pending trip to India in 20 be with my fiance....therefore, it is my goal to fit all that I own in 4 suitcases......been there, done that>>>>a home with clutter...I want to travel and see the world and return home with just my whole life in these suitcases ready to jump on a plance at a moments notice....tell me, your comment is appreciated...I am so happy you are showing me JOY in my life...Angie


Great Article. I enjoyed reading it.

Mark Vane

Hi, Added a new value add to my blog this weekend - a news widget from I always wanted to show latest news for my keywords in my sidebar. It was very easy with this widget. Just a small copy paste and it was done. Great indeed.

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